Engineering Transfer Program


Massasoit's Engineering Transfer program will allow students to earn an Associate in Science degree, specifically focused at preparing students for transfer to 4-year institutions for completion of their bachelor’s degree.

The Engineering Transfer program is designed for students who are interested in acquiring the skills, knowledge, and credits necessary to transfer into a variety of regional and national baccalaureate degree programs in engineering. This program was created with a foundation of general education, science, and mathematics that supports the requirements of regional engineering programs; students will receive a combination of hands-on competency-based instruction and mathematical reinforcement of engineering concepts geared at providing an introduction to engineering. The program itself is modeled after the first two years of engineering programs such as those from the Northeastern, Wentworth Institute of Technology, WPI and the UMass campuses.

Students in the Engineering Transfer program will have the opportunity to choose from four options: Civil, Chemical, Electrical, and Mechanical, depending on the student's area of interest. Admittance into the program is by open admission.

Students in the Engineering Transfer program will learn about:

  • The application of mathematics and physics principles to real life products and solutions.
  • The processes by which today’s products and solutions were developed, and advancements in materials and applications that can lead to improved or new products.
  • The ethics and responsibilities behind the development of designs and products that will be used by society.
  • How to take ideas from theory to research lab to production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I become an engineer with only an associate degree?

No, the field of engineering requires at least a bachelor’s degree. Engineers do exist without advanced degrees, but their education has generally been replaced by years of specialized experience. Once associate degree requirements are fulfilled, students are prepared to continue their baccalaureate program, and can expect to complete the requirements for a bachelor's degree in two to three years.

Are there any requirements for enrolling into this program? 

Students enrolling in the Engineering Transfer program are required to have taken pre-calculus prior to their first semester.


The Engineering Transfer Program will provide graduates with the ability to:

  • Demonstrate a fundamental understanding and skill level in mathematics, science and basic engineering that will enable them to succeed in more advanced courses and serve them well in the understanding of new technology design and development.
  • Demonstrate an understanding in adequate detail about specific areas of engineering as a critical step in career development.
  • Provide proficient application of knowledge using state-of-the-art approaches derived from engineering sciences and techniques to produce practical solutions to engineering problems.
  • Demonstrate technical decision-making processes and the communication skills necessary to produce viable, responsible and sustainable technological solutions.
  • Engage in lifelong learning, which will allow students successful entry into a Baccalaureate program in Engineering or related discipline.