Access and Disability Resources

(Formerly Disability Services)

What is Access and Disability Resources?

Access and Disability Resources is the office on the Massasoit Community College campus committed to assuring that students with disabilities have equal, effective, and meaningful access to all academic programs, community events, goods, and services provided by the college in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act.

Access and Disability Resources is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities and supporting them in their pursuit of reaching their academic goals, while still meeting the academic and technical standards set for all students. In addition, Access and Disability Resources serves as a resource for faculty and staff and the campus community to provide assistance regarding disability related questions, concerns and compliance.

Who is eligible?

Access and Disability Resources support is available for students with diagnosed disabilities including: learning disabilities, ADHD, hearing and visual impairments, mobility impairments, medical conditions, psychiatric disorders, brain injuries, Autism, degenerative or chronic conditions, and temporary disabling conditions. Students must voluntarily disclose their disability to Access and Disability Resources, request services and complete the intake process in order to establish eligibility for academic and/or testing accommodations. Accommodations received in high school do not automatically transfer into the college setting.

What documentation is needed to determine eligibility for Access and Disability Resources?

To support a student’s request for accommodations, students are asked to submit documentation from a qualified provider. The student’s documentation should include information that can be used in establishing the need for reasonable and appropriate accommodations. In some cases, specific documentation will be required to establish the relationship between the disability and the accommodations being requested. The student’s diagnostic information is kept electronically and is kept strictly confidential, unless there is imminent danger to self or others or a release has been signed by the student. The student’s diagnoses will not be shared with faculty or administration. Documentation can come in the form of assessments, evaluations, diagnostic reports, or a doctor’s letter detailing the medical condition. An IEP or 504 Plan is not considered documentation.

Can accommodations be requested for Placement Testing?

Students may choose to complete Placement Testing through Access and Disability Resources. Students who have received disability accommodations in high school or have been diagnosed with a disability may take the placement test prior to completing the Access and Disability Resources intake. Students are encouraged to apply to and get accepted to Massasoit, prior to taking the placement tests, however it is not required. Students will not be timed for the reading comprehension or math sections of the placement tests (all students have this available). Students testing with Access and Disability Resources will have additional time provided as an accommodation for the writing sample section of the placement test. Please contact Access and Disability Resources directly, to make arrangements for placement testing. We schedule students on a case by case basis and as our office schedule permits. Contact Access and Disability Resources or call 508-588-9100 x1807 to speak with Access and Disability Resources staff.

When does a student need to complete an intake appointment to register with Access and Disability Resources?

Students seeking accommodations and/or services may contact Access and Disability Resources upon admission to Massasoit Community College. Once a student has been admitted to Massasoit and has decided to attend they are then highly encouraged to voluntarily disclose their disability to Access and Disability Resources, request services and complete the intake process. There is no automatic identification process from Admissions or any other Massasoit office to Access and Disability Resources. Furthermore, the College has no obligation to recognize any student as having a disability until that student has established eligibility with Access and Disability Resources. Students are encouraged to schedule an intake meeting with Access and Disability Resources to discuss disability history, past accommodations and documentation requirements. During this meeting students will complete intake paperwork and be instructed on how to obtain the accommodations and/or services for which the student is eligible. Once a student is registered with Access and Disability Resources they do not need to register again. However, for each semester the student plans on utilizing accommodations, new Accommodation Letters must be requested and obtained through Access and Disability Resources.

What accommodations may be available to qualified students registered with Access and Disability Resources?

Examples of accommodations are additional time on tests (1.5x or in rare cases 2x), distraction-reduced testing environment, access to a computer during tests for essay writing, scribe or reader for tests, access to assistive technology, access to audio books, tape recording lectures, short breaks, and access to peer note taking. In some infrequent situations we work with the student and faculty regarding flexibility with the attendance policy and flexibility with due dates.

When is the office open?

The Access and Disability Resources office on the Brockton campus is typically open from 8:00 a.m. -5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Students taking evening or weekend classes may need to make special arrangements for completing the intake or for testing arrangements outside of regular business hours. Students on the Canton and Middleborough campuses or taking on-line classes should speak with the Access and Disability Resources office staff to confirm office hours. Typically hours are scheduled at the start of the semester based on needs at each particular campus.

Do I need an appointment to meet with someone in Access and Disability Resources?

Students are encouraged to make an appointment to complete the intake process or to meet with a member of the staff, however, if a Disability Counselor is available and you have your documentation, you may be able to complete your intake as a walk in. To request an appointment contact 508-588-9100 x1807 or send an email to Access and Disability Resources and inform the staff you are interested in making an appointment. You can also make an appointment in person at the Academic Resources Center desk (lower level of the student center). Be sure to have your V# handy! If you are a returning student and simply want to request your accommodation letters, you can send an email to Access and Disability Resources and request your letters to be processed. If you have a question or concern regarding your accommodations, you are encouraged to make an appointment to speak with someone in the office.

Do you have a Service connected Disability?

 View information or contact Veterans Services.

Disability related services not available at Massasoit:

Access and Disability Resources does not offer diagnostic testing, coaching (social or academic), personal care assistance, or transportation assistance.