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The ARC Writing Center offers free writing, reading, and language acquisition support for current students and faculty. We help students with a wide range of writing projects, from essays to lab reports to honors projects across all disciplines. Here are a few common reasons students work with us:

  • Assignment Analysis & Brainstorming
    Starting a writing project is often a daunting task. Writing Center tutors can help students understand an assignment, discuss the approach to a project, or work together to help students develop their papers topics, thesis statements, ideas and outlines.
  • Drafting & Revision
    Writing tutors can support students through the drafting and revision processes. We work together to clarify ideas and examine essay structure for ways to strengthen arguments. In the revision phase, we coach students through basic issues with grammar and syntax. Rather than proofreading or editing, writing tutors help students identify patterns of error, learn to proofread their own work, and find great grammar and mechanics resources that will equip them to be strong independent writers.
  • Language Acquisition Support
    We have tutors who help English Language Learners. We also support some foreign language courses at Massasoit, including: Spanish, French, and Portuguese.
  • Speaking & Presenting
    Tutors in the Writing Center can help students prepare for assignments that require speaking and presenting. We are happy to give you a private space to practice, or give you feedback on your speech, no matter where you are in the speech-writing or presenting process. We can also give you feedback on your writing and communication as you prepare digital presentations, brochures, or other kinds of non-essay related writing.
  • Workshops
    The Writing Center offers workshops throughout the semester on a variety of topics.
  • Reading Comprehension
    Writing Center tutors can support students with reading comprehension no matter the level. We are happy to work with students across the disciplines on challenging reading assignments.
  • Study Skills
    Tutors in the Writing Center are happy to give currently enrolled students feedback on transfer essays and application essays.

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The Writing Center's Mission Statement

The ARC Writing Center supports writers and writing instruction at Massasoit.  We strive to meet the needs of writers in all phases of the writing process. We commit to cultivating confident writers by empowering them to produce better writing, to comprehend written texts, and to use writing as a means for learning in any subject. We believe everyone who writes anything is a writer and can improve their writing. We treat all writers with dignity, no matter their ability or experience.

Massasoit’s mission and values guide the ARC Writing Center.  We commit to “engaging students as active learners” in our everyday practice as tutors.  We believe that writing is integral to engaging fully in a “global society”.  The Writing Center is a safe space where we promote an inclusive and equitable environment and a respectful exchange of ideas with all members of our diverse community.