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Office of Minority Mentorship Programs
& First Year Experience

The Office of Minority Mentorship Programs & First Year Experience (OMM-FYE) oversees the coordination and implementation of support services for minority mentoring programs, first year experience efforts and student retention initiatives. OMM-FYE offers programs that makes an experience that empowers students as engaged learners, integrates them into the college community and prepare them for successful transfer and career pathways.

Ubuntu Scholars

Ubuntu Meaning
The term Ubuntu (uu-BOON-tuu) is of Southern African origin; a Zulu philosophy often translated as the essence of being human, or humanity toward others. It is the belief in a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity. The Ubuntu ideology of interconnectedness and community is the cornerstone of this program.

Mission Statement
Ubuntu Scholars aims to further EQUIP, ENGAGE and EMPOWER underrepresented male students at Massasoit Community College, primarily males students of color, in effort to ensure a healthy transition to college, facilitate academic and personal success (i.e. Performance and persistence), and foster a culturally-inclusive and positively-interdependent learning community.

Program Overview
The program is comprised with intrusive advising and services that include mentoring, peer mentoring, academic support, personal and professional development workshops, a guest speakers series, career coaching and open forums for reflective dialogue and social events.

Peer Leaders
Instrumental to the success of an Ubuntu Scholars Academy, the Peer Leader (PL) is matched with a pair of first-year male students, neo-scholars, while, in-turn, receives professional development and structured coaching from an adult professional as a mentor. These resources position the PL to support the realization of the program’s mission and vision.

•Directly communicates with their assigned neo-scholars at a minimum of 1x per week.
•Serves as a resource broker and sounding board
•Provide campus resources to neo-scholars and other scholars and connect them to people and offices that can support their individual needs
•Fosters a welcoming and progressive learning atmosphere
•Assists with the planning and facilitation of events, activities and workshops
Participates in monthly in-person programming
Builds community and comradery
•Supports the Student Life organization component of the program model
•Actively role-models the ideals and values of the program – Ubuntu in action

To become a Peer Leader, you must be a male student of color, currently taking a minimum of six credits and has successfully completed two or more academic semesters at Massasoit Community College. Additional qualifications are as follows:
•Flexibility to dedicate 6-10 hours per week for the academic year
•Ability to attend all monthly workshops and campus events
•Be familiar with campus resources
•Care about the issues that affect students of color and marginalized communities
•Accessibility to the Brockton campus
•Willingness to learn and be challenged

Peer Leader is a paid position; Rate: $11.00/hour; Maximum Hours/Week: 10 Hours

Mary E. Baker Club

Mary E. Baker Unity Club, this student-led organization provides drop-in peer mentoring, group success coaching, open forums for participants to unpack and share their respective experiences as Massasoit students, and the opportunity to build community through coordinating and attending social justice-themed campus events and activities, ultimately promoting a culture of camaraderie and excellence.

Community Engagement

US Reserve
The U.S. Reserves are a diverse network of professionals, voluntarily serving as on-call career resources to students that express interest in their respective field/profession. Each Reserve submits a profile, which includes a headshot photo, 2-3 sentence biography, current job description and an email address. Throughout the semester, students from the program may email Reserves to learn more about their noted career; U.S. Reserves are required to reply via email.

Speakers | Workshops | Community Mentor Referral

Breakfast IV Brothers Greater Brockton

In affiliation with the national Breakfast IV Brothers event series, the Ubuntu Scholars of Massasoit Community College proudly present Breakfast IV Brothers - Greater Brockton. is a safe space for brothers to converge & promote their collective experiences. A platform for mentoring, sharing, and growing with one another. Our goal is to create a consistent platform that promotes cross-generational dialogue.

Every 4th Saturday of the Month
Massasoit Community College
1 Massasoit Blvd
Brockton, MA 02302
Upper Student Center Lounge
Time: 10:00 a.m..-.12:00 p.m.